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The End is Near

IRS deadlineThe end is near, the end of the tax year that is.  We just ended the third quarter and are beginning the fourth quarter of this calendar year. . What does this “quarter” stuff have to do with you, the individual income taxpayer? If you filed an extension for your personal tax return, that return is due by October 15th. . Most individuals can file that personal tax return electronically. Once in a while there is something complicated that may require you to mail your tax return to the Internal Revenue Service Center, but those cases are rare. I highly recommend e-filing whenever possible, it cuts down on processing errors and you get confirmation that your return has been filed. . If you are in business for yourself, or have other income on which you have no withholding, you may pay estimated tax payments. The third quarter payment was due September 15th. If you missed that date, send that payment now to minimize late payment penalties when you file your tax return. The payment for the fourth quarter is not due until January 15th of this coming year. Of course, you can pay it early if you want to. . If you miss the due date for your tax return, whether individual or business, file that late return as soon as you can. If you file a late, or delinquent, tax return with taxes due, don’t be surprised when you get a bill for interest and maybe penalties. The government is the biggest business there is. They want you to file and pay on time. If you don’t they will look to collect more money from you. . Are you an employer? Do you have employees? The third quarter employment tax returns are due before the last day of October. You want to be sure to file those reports before the “witching” hour on Halloween. Don’t let the Tax Goblins come knocking on your door, that knocking would come in the form of a notice in the mail. If you fail to file a return to the IRS is expecting, they will ask you for it.  If you fail to send them the money they are expecting, they will ask you for it and more. . Before you get busy with your fall and winter holidays, now is a good time to start organizing the papers you’ve been collecting all year for this upcoming tax season. How can I think of this already? It’s my business.  You don’t have to think about it like I do, but I get phone calls all through the year, so I know once in a while someone else is thinking taxes. Is it deductible? Can I do this or that? I want you to stay out of tax trouble! . I started this blog with “The End is Near.” I don’t see an end to the IRS, they work 24/7 closed only for an occasional federal holiday. We file a tax return every year. I want you to pay only your lowest legal tax. File on time. Pay on time. Watch your calendar. Save your receipts. Let your tax advisor help you. Welcome to the fourth quarter.