John Sample Estate Plan Portfolio

On this page you can see for yourself exactly how your Estate Planning Portfolio would look.

The John Sample Estate Plan Portfolio  below consists of 110 pages!

The “key” document in this Portfolio is the Revocable Living Trust.

You can ‘scroll around’ this document to see all the different sections:

Here are several examples.

Enter the following page numbers below as indicated by the red arrow above to see several pages of the Dynamic Trust Portfolio:

1) Page 21 to see who the beneficiaries are

2) Page 23 to see Charitable bequest

3) Page 100 to see how to “fund” assets into your Trust

So, take some time an look around for yourself!


1) You can also find other documents within the Portfolio by looking at the Index on page 3.

2) You can see what pages need to be signed by going to page 2.

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