How to Keep the IRS Off Your Back and Out of Your Pocket!


Join Nellie Williams, Enrolled Agent as she reveals the Insider Secrets she learned working as an IRS Supervisor!


  • Do you want to know the secret to protecting yourself from the IRS?
  • Do you want the peace of mind of knowing that you have covered your assets?
  • Do you like the idea of knowing you have what you need when you need it?
  • Do you think that since you’ve been doing your taxes one way for years without any whisper from the IRS that you are safe today? Safe forever?
  • Did you know the IRS has expanded their workforce of auditors, revenue agents and collection officers?
  • Have you ever considered that it is not IF the IRS calls you, but WHEN?!
  • Is there even ONE question you wish you could ask someone “in the know” without drawing attention to yourself or risking examination of your own return?
  • Would you rather spend a little time and a little money now to prevent an audit? Or would you rather spend hours and days and thousands of dollars later to defend an audit?


Nellie Williams, Enrolled Agent, former IRS Tax Audit Supervisor used to work for the IRS. She was regarded highly by her superiors and has valuable “insider information” that could benefit  you today!

Nellie now works FOR YOU to help you pay only your lowest legal tax. Nellie used to be your worst nightmare and now she can help you sleep like a baby every night.  She wants you to know the rules so you can play the tax game to win. BEAT, not cheat, the IRS and pay your fair share and not a penny more.


The 90-minute tele-class recording of this very important topic is now available for the first time!


Original seminar participants paid over $250 for this course –  Your investment today is only $77.



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