Avoid IRS Tax Problems with my Audit Proofing System

Time is running out. The IRS is looking for you and your business. And it’s only going to get worse, as they are determined to close the many loopholes that currently exist for virtual businesses.

I know this to be true because I am a former IRS Tax Audit Supervisor.

Worse yet, the IRS just announced a $450 billion shortfall in collections, which they are determined to make up this year.

As a Business Owner you should know the answers to these questions:

  • Do you have a Business or is it a Hobby? How does this matter?
  • Can you deduct your Home Office? Why or why not?
  • Do you have Employees? Are you your own Employee? What is an Independent Contractor?
  • The IRS can and will track your income. Can you?

I am so excited to be in the position to help as many entrepreneurs as possible learn how to run their businesses stress free – without the worry and fear of IRS Tax Problems. Audits cost you and your business time and money. Imagine having the Peace of Mind to:

  • Discover Your Tax Comfort Zone
  • Calm your Tax Jitters
  • Have EVERYTHING you need to WIN that audit

Having that Peace of Mind is now possible.  My IRS Audit Proofing System will teach you how to Audit Proof your business forever. Never lose sleep again!

My Audit Proofing System helps you avoid IRS Tax Problems

My proven system will easily teach you how to avoid the common tax mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make every day running their businesses. Every step of avoiding an audit is covered, including:

  • Learn how to beat, not cheat, the IRS. Keep more of what is yours and stop it from becoming TheIRS’s.
  • Conquer the “big one” forever. Understanding the delicate balance between Income and Expenses and how to avoid the common inconsistencies that could raise an IRS flag.
  • Why separating your personal finances from your business finances can reap big rewards.
  • Did you know that proper organization and record keeping will guarantee a great night’s sleep?  My Business Basic Outline spells it all out.
  • The importance of determining whether you have a Business or a Hobby and how this could dramatically affect your tax bill.

Every business owner knows tax deductions can lower your tax liability. I help you learn what is deductible and when to take the deduction to avoid raising the IRS’ Red Flag. I am in the business of helping people pay their lowest legal tax and sleep at night.

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